datingliberally com - Bret michaels still dating ambre

First of all, I loved Kristy Joe, right down to her low-class name.

She was a mess and with her unresolved marital situation and Playboy pics, would have been perfect for Bret.

Though he didn’t return my calls or respond to the reams of advice I had for him in choosing from the gaggle of wannabe rock star arm-candy strippers, in the end he did the right thing.

The show’s second season premiered on January 13, 2008.

The first season was released on DVD in early 2008.

She could out-sulk him, and that was a neat trick because it left him so flustered about what to do when someone looked cuter than him pouting.

Clearly, he wanted Kristy Joe 40 ways on the floor and, in the end, he didn’t want her tour to end but she chose not to play an encore.

1 choice who, coincidentally, was also my pick for him.

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