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Some of these experts are going to move on to other areas of their life and no longer provide access to their store of secrets.

Some of these guys have special unique inside knowledge, that they'll share with you: classified pickup know-how and seduction secrets that will only available at this one-time only event. Playboy from the book “ The Game”, Stephen Nash is co-founder of Cutting Edge Image Consulting.

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We knew that it was often the in-person communication we had that allowed us to get past sticking points we had on our own journeys to becoming successful with women.

So one day while hanging out, Jay blurted, “ We should get the band together again!

” Of course, there was no “band” per se to begin with, but the idea was genius, it was the equivalent of setting up a reunion tour of the best of the “ Original Gurus” who we had learned from over the years.

But we didn't want to put together just any seminar.

On this journey, we saw guys get slapped testing out new ideas with women in the name of science, we overcame our immense fear of talking to girls in places like Starbucks and in clubs.

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