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Alex makes it his goal to get Jack to open his heart up to love again, but will he be able to help Jack overcome the horrors of his past while trying to run from his own? I tilt my head to look at Calum, waiting for his reaction. Louis has too, so really why does it matter who they were to each other? Most of them are original ideas, others are inspired by songs or other imagines.basically everyone is gay and mentally ill and it's a mixture of sadness and the most adorable moments between all these couples “What did you scribble on his cup sleeve? It shouldn't, at least as far as Liam's concerned it shouldn't. (I will have the link to the original ones in that case)Updated twice a week "Nobody takes my phobia seriously.

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He saw something on Ashton’s fucking coffee.“You act like I put your motherfucking address on his cup sleeve,” Michael rolls his eyes.“‘Cause you’re insane enough to, Clifford,” Calum is exasperated. Why would you—”“I can’t handle your whining anymore, Cal Pal, so I put your number on it!

No one knows how terrified I become when my fear starts kicking in, and even if they did, they don't care at all.

In his fight to discover the truth about their new home, Michael must do everything in his power to stay sane... “Almost didn’t make it.”“How did you manage to block my spike? that’s a good question…” if eyes could smirk, Michael’s eyes are definitely smirking right now. ”“You know I’m in the school’s volleyball team,” Luke jabs a guess. ”“There’s a chance…” is all Michael says before they have to rotate. Michael is new to Luke's school, who is fed up with Calum and Ashton's gross PDA. When Luke and the rest of the pack returned to Rosetta Park they hoped that life could return to some kind of normality.

but when holding onto his fragile sanity means letting go of Ashton, Michael isn't sure it's worth the cost. However with a series of mysterious incidents, threats and decisions that could change their lives forever.

Some of Charli’s closest friends in the music business were roped in on the feminist action. We’d give a special shout out to each and every one of their beautiful faces doing beautiful things, but we’d be here all day. Explaining the premise of the video which she directed herself, Charli told BBC Radio 1: ‘I was just thinking about Joe Jonas being really sexy eating food, which was kind of a weird combo but I was like, “Wait, this could be an idea.” ‘I was like, “OK, I feel like I can harass enough of them into doing this video.” Basically started sending them all these ideas and was like, “Look, I want to make this video, I’m directing it, I’m not in it.

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