Book of mormon dating rules

The process, called radiocarbon dating, has altered the study of archaeology forever.

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Today, most scholars who attempt to identify the New World lands of the Book of Mormon select Mesoamerica as the location of all New World Book of Mormon events.

But does the quite precise dating of Book of Mormon events in the record itself correlate positively with dating from the archaeological and historical records of Mesoamerica?

As an example of that fact, one source reports the following: of 30 radiocarbon years.

Traditionally this included only the statistical counting uncertainty. Some facilities will not report an age greater than 60,000 years for any sample.[5]A further word of caution seems appropriate here.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth and all things. The word ‘Creator’ means that God made all things out of nothing.”[4]When I finally washed those two beliefs out of my belief system, I was ready to accept the dating outcomes from radiocarbon dating—at least to a point.

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