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having had put so much into it, and not wanting to be that girl that lets someone down because of how they look, i agreed to see him again. by now i'd started my new job, had a new flat, and was thriving in my new, single life.dating was exciting, meeting new people was fun, but bloody expensive.

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around my birthday in september, i decided it was probably time to start the hunt for a #winterboyfriend.

you know, a warm body on the cold nights, who occasionally buys you dinner, fresh flowers and tells you you're pretty.

in hindsight, it wasn't, and my priorities were wrong; i thought i was in a happy relationship because i shared the rent on a really cute flat with, saved for holidays with, and split all financial responsibilities with him.

we thrifted furniture together, we hung out at weekends together, we did a lot of things , together.

i'd arrived in late december, and started seeing him april/may of the first year.

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