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Graphic images of badly scarred faces caused by Nutri Bullets allegedly exploding are seen in upcoming segment on Today Tonight Adelaide on Monday.There have been several reports of Nutri Bullet sustained injuries, mostly originating from the UK, but Australian Nutri Bullet users are now being urged to exercise caution around the blender.

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There is 'no doubt' Nutri Bullets are a dangerous product when used for hot liquids, according to a critic of the trendy blending gadget.

The Nutri Bullet critic appearing on Today Tonight Adelaide claimed there is an 'obvious design defect that the manufacturer needs to take care of.' While popular to make juices or soups, Nutri Bullet warns users not to use hot liquids in the kitchen gadget.'Never put any hot liquids or ingredients in any of the NUTRi BULLET 600, 900 or Rx blending Cups,' their website reads.

'All liquids should always be left to cool completely before you put the ingredients into the NUTRi BULLET 600, 900 or Rx Cups.' Some have blamed the exploding devices on users putting hot liquid inside them.

Grindr has finally caught on and released a hetero-centric version called Blendr.

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