Blake shelton dating history

Bullying random, non-famous Twitter critics seems to be the M. And I’m sure Stefani didn’t watch Shelton co-host last year’s ACM Awards, where he made a cheap dig at Britney Spears for lip syncing at her live shows, then watched approvingly as Rascal Flatts lip-synced their own way through a performance.

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Earlier that year, in an equally transparent attempt to preserve his fragile manhood, Shelton made a tired I’ll forgive Stefani for overlooking Shelton’s possible past as an unrepentant turtle-killer in her background research.

Bragging about hitting a turtle with his car was bizarre enough, but when people expressed concern on Twitter, Shelton couldn’t take the heat: He told them to “shut up” and called them “turtle freaks” who eat their own boogers. He has a history of retweeting negative comments, egging on his fanbase to come to the defense of his paper-thin ego.

We first fell in love with him back in his “Glee” days and have been crazy about him ever since. This beautiful man is probably best known by the younger crowd as the voice of the also incredibly attractive Tadashi Hamada from “Big Hero 6”, which is honestly perfect because he seems like he’d be like Hamada in person. He’s a man of many talents, and we think that’s sexy af!

And although he’s beautifully chiseled, he still has a friendly, innocent look to him, so he’s got that approachable-type sexy going for him. Henney got his start in modeling, but he’s acted in both Korean and U.

Perennial cool chick Gwen Stefani and backwards skirt-chasing doofus Blake Shelton confirmed their romantic relationship yesterday, a move that’s inspired a mini-identity crisis as I reevaluate the standards of a music-industry hero I’ve held dear since childhood.

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