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Aitken’s Register was a clear precursor to the planners of today and it took the notable function of the almanac a giant leap forward.

Formatted by weeks, the planner facilitated business planning and scheduling.

It was from this small guidebook that the phrase “little black book” received its scandalous connotation.

As the story goes, publisher and struggling poet, Samuel Derrick, conspired with notorious panderer Jack Harris to create this reference guide to London’s ladies of the evening.

But even with the technical advances of the digital age, the chances are surprisingly good that you and many other folks in your organization still use calendars and planners to stay organized.

The reason is simple – there’s no substitute for the convenience of jotting down an appointment or a note in a place that’s easily accessible.

According to Mc Carthy, George Washington kept his diary on blank pages sewn into the Virginia Almanack: George Washington made a habit of writing at the top of each page in his diary the phrase, “Where and how my time is Spent.” The motto, or mantra, certainly seems in character for a general revered for being methodical and disciplined.

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