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The majors then aligned themselves with the large national theatre chains in order to guarantee an outlet for their product, in some cases purchasing theatre chains outright.

Its purpose was to produce films that promoted Canadian trade and industry.

As the minister of Trade and Commerce put it in 1924, the Bureau “was established for the purpose of advertising abroad Canada’s scenic attractions, agricultural resources and industrial development.” The Bureau produced a series of theatrical short films called , which it distributed theatrically in Canada and abroad.

From its earliest days, filmmaking has been a powerful form of cultural and artistic expression, and a highly profitable commercial enterprise.

From a practical standpoint, filmmaking is a business involving large sums of money and a complex division of labour engaged, roughly speaking, in three sectors: production, distribution and exhibition.

He wrote a report that year that led to the creation of the NFB in May 1939, and was named the Board’s first film commissioner in October 1939.

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