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Whether it was a first for you—or will be—there’s no question this is one of the most important bi YAs the category has to offer.

, by Emma Trevayne Anthem has a passion for music, but as a conduit for he Corp, most of what he listens to is work, powering the grid through him while shortening his life span.

September 23 marks Bi Visibility Day, aka Bisexual Pride Day, and in its honor, we’re talking about our favorite “bi-proud” YAs.

These are books with bisexual main characters and/or love interests, some of which actively use the word on the page, others of which show characters having feelings for or relationships with both guys and girls without making the suggestion that bisexuality is just a stop for them on the way to gaytown.

Along for the ride is Mina’s brother, Trevor, who not only wants justice for his sister, but wants Sophie as well.

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