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All combinations have their healing and destructive powers -- this one either way is strong.Intimate connection is their kryptonite; they strive to maintain a certain distance from others even in intimate situations.Aquarius Dark Side Strictly speaking, Aquarius dark side isn t really dark, since one of the defining characteristics of the Aquarius-Leo opposition, composed of fixed fire and air, is light, plenty of it.

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#Aquarius have the highest of the highest standards for themselves and others.

Fixed Aquarius-Leo s types, with all their genius and personal power, can forget that such things as physical sensations and emotional responses exist within themselves and others.

We go the extra mile to create a safe and fun experience for our clients.

Before appearing on Russian Love our girls go through a multi-step validation process.

You may find with an Aquarius that you are making all the moves, but remember them accepting your moves is also a move. She's pretty much a poster girl for the Scorpio profile.

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