Barrymore dating drew grant hugh

Grant actually has two subtly different characters in his repertoire from which he's made his career.

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His character here falls somewhere in between those two modes.

The weakest part of this movie is the song that Alex and Sophie write together.

With movies like 50 First Dates, Fever Pitch and now Music and Lyrics, Barrymore has become the queen of the romantic comedy. He has made a career out of playing one single character, that of the slightly snobbish, yet charming upper class cynical Brit.

Whereas Reese Witherspoon has cornered the "cute" market, Barrymore owns the down-to-earth character. Whereas Barrymore garners laughs from acting dizzy and confused, Grant gets the laughs from being frustrated, dealing with people beneath his character. music video, with funny captions as in VH1's Pop up Video. And given that good romantic comedies have become something of an endangered species, only makes this movie even better.

While I enjoyed this movie I wasn't as enamored with it as my brothers were.

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