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Police initially said they had no evidence the attack was racially or religiously motivated.They reclassified it as a hate crime, however, after Mr Muhktar insisted Islamophobia was involved, and after posts expressing sympathy for the far-right were allegedly found on the Facebook page of John Tomlin, 24, who is being sought for questioning in relation to the incident.The attack on Ms Khan and Mr Muhktar has led to a more than 255,000 people signing a petition calling for tighter restrictions on the sale of corrosive acid.

Tower Hamlets had the third highest number of acid attacks, with 84 incidents recorded between 20.

The figures also showed a sharp rise in acid attacks across London as a whole, with 431 incidents in the capital in 2016, compared to 261 in 2015.

The incidents included a man of Asian origin having a noxious substance squirted at him while driving in Commercial Road, Tower Hamlets, on Thursday, with the attackers stealing his car as soon as he got out to seek help.

There were also social media reports of two attacks in East Ham on Friday – one involving a woman being partially burned on her doorstep by someone pretending to be a delivery man, and the other of a woman being targeted by moped-driving acid attackers in the Plashet Grove area.

While White-Male-Asian-Female couples have been common place for years, Asian-Male-White-Female couples are still rare.

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