Army dating regulations

Frock coats are also worn by certain officers of the Household Division, Honourable Artillery Company and King's Troop RHA, although these are of different design: a single-breasted, dark blue coat with ornate black braiding and loops.

Similar braided coats are worn on occasion by directors of music and bandmasters of bands affiliated to line cavalry regiments (in other bands they wear a plainer double-breasted frock coat (similar to that of senior officers but without the velvet) in dark blue (or green, in the case of the Rifles).

Prior to amalgamation Highland regiments wore it with the kilt and sporran while Lowland regiments wore trews.

The kilt or trews were in the individual regiment's tartan pattern. 1 Dress, officers wear a waist sash of crimson silk while general officers wear a waist sash of gold and crimson stripes.

Most other regiments maintain full dress for limited special categories: these include drummers (line infantry), buglers (rifles), trumpeters (cavalry), pipers (Scottish and Irish units) and in some cases guards of honour; however, all of these uniforms must be purchased and maintained from non-public funds.

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