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I would have loved to rank her higher but, while she’s very popular in Argentina, she isn’t very well known to many people outside the country. Araceli Gonzalez – The Buenos Aires native was discovered at age 15 and taken to a fashion show in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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Pop culture is as important to understanding a culture as anything (and a lot of fun to write about)! Evangelina Anderson – Evangelina is an Argentinian TV actress and nude model.

She is most well known for being the wife of Martin Demichelis, Argentina National Soccer stud and center back for Bayern Munich.

It was a long and tireless process but with the help of some Argentine friends (and google images) I’ve put together a well thought out list that highlights the best Argentina has to offer.

Sure Colombia and Brazil are home to many famous hotties, but I wanted to uncover the Argentine women who grace the pages of Latin American magazines and newspaper stands that you’ve never heard of!

In April, there was almost a femicide each day, according to the Argentinian newspaper .

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