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Once there he knocked on the door."Leave me alone, please!" The scared and pleading in her voice was something Senri and Maria heard before." pleaded Senri with a worried and slight panicked voice."He's not here but come in and put her on his bed.

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They looked at each other with a worrying look before answering"Rima it's me Senri and Maria, please let us in. " No sign she would let them in Senri was about to try again when the door open.

There was Rima her eyes red from crying and not keeping any eye contact with either of them. While he and Rima went to sit on the bed Maria closed the door."What happen?

" asked Senri, Rima looked at them both but was not sure if she should talk or keep quiet."Is it Yuuki?

Has she forced you to do something you don't want to? Surprising Senri and Maria as they had forgotten she was there.

If you see any miss spelling or anything similar please tell me. I love how much you want me to write more and sooner update. Enjoy the chapter :)Warning mention of unwanted touching and possible rape. Out of curiosity seeing as she was walking with her violin.

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