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After receiving numerous testimonies from employees, we contacted Bazila, an Israeli tech company that takes pride in having a “national security” specialist on staff.

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From ‘suspects’ to criminals The IDF contracted the services of Israeli tech companies to monitor both open and private posts by Israeli citizens on social media.

Army Intelligence filed a request to gather data on Israelis who write about protests in Hebrew on Facebook, Whats App, private chats and other networks, as well as data on users who write in Arabic and use words like “the Zionist state” and “Al-Quds” (Jerusalem in Arabic).

The testimonies we collected paint a worrying picture of the level and scope of monitoring and tracking that the security services use against both Jews and Arabs.

It must be stated that these companies are not tracking individuals suspected of any crimes, but rather in the widespread gathering of all public data available in Israel, which isn’t limited solely to posts published on social media platforms.

The branch focuses on those who criticize Israel, and specifically BDS and flotilla activists, as well as bodies that are at the forefront of legal struggles targeting Israel, such as the International Criminal Court.

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