Annalynne mccord dating ryan eggold

A music video by Shenae Grimes (Annie) was recently released, and you starred in it. Eggold: Shenae wanted to experiment with directing, and she got this song together.

Eggold: Yeah, when you didn’t get a Ferrari for your birthday. Alright, back to the present day and this show and this show’s cast.

Teen Drama Whore: First off, I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday. All of you have these other avenues of art that you’re experimenting in. There’s some really creative people on the show, and it’s really fun. But I would maybe ask your castmates to help set you up with a Twitter account. Eggold: I would like to share a little bit of music.

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Also Teddy discovers a side of him which he never knew existed.

With all that going on in school, Adrianna is driving back from a summer of touring with the pop star, Javier, whose advances Adrianna refuses.

But this season Naomi (Anna Lynne Mc Cord) and I develop sort of a relationship, because I’m having a kid with her sister and sort of being part of the family in that way. Naomi and Jen haven’t been the best of sisters, but through this and her having a nephew, they kind of come back together a bit, which is nice to see. Cannon (Hal Ozsan) stuff, which I caught a glimpse of in the finale of season 2, Naomi’s dealing with some really interesting stuff and some terrible stuff from what happened. TDW: What storylines would you like to see for him, or is there a cast member you haven’t worked with much that you’d like to share some scenes with?

I sort of become part of that with her and help her with that. Eggold: I’ve always said that I want to work with Lori (Loughlin, Debbie). I’d love to do some more stuff with Tristan, just because we have such a great time off set. I often work with my romantic partners, whether it’s Jen or Laurel (Kelly Lynch) or somebody, and I’d like to see [Ryan] branch out of that, and see him develop relationships with the kids, maybe a new character or something. One last question, and I always ask everyone this because I keep track of it for my readers. I know you’re not, but people rather hear it from you.

Shenae’s into photography, too, and everyone’s got different things going on. I would end up sharing those and everyone would know I’m a total weirdo. Eggold: I’m fighting this 21st century but I probably have to join.

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