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She didn’t ask to be from a broken home, so she must be my priority in all things.“I don’t want her schooling to be disrupted, so at the moment I’m paying two sets of school fees; fees here in Britain and fees to keep her place open at her school in LA.

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Anna friel dating

One evening, as she waits for him to return home from work, two policewomen come to the door. His female passenger was also killed; does she know the identity of the mystery woman? And so her torture begins, her descent into madness all but assured as she wrestles with the appalling suggestion that her husband may have been living a lie.

As Ellie turns detective to discover the truth, Friel bravely looks an absolute fright most of the time; no make-up, gaunt, a diminished shell of a person.

“We both sat down and said, 'this isn’t working any more’.

Maybe we just grew apart, and I certainly suspect if we had stayed together any longer we might not be friends,” she observes quietly.

But the spectre of Beth Jordache is always lurking in the wings.

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