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Namely, I started to equate an old girlfriend’s casual cocaine use with infidelity.

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Penises are often referred to as tools, and that’s exactly what mine felt like: a woodlike, dildonic prosthesis that was being ridden with little emotional or physical input from me. N/A Next: It’s time to get laid while getting infinite — magic mushrooms are up next.

The experience was strangely feminizing: for the first time, I was a passive partner during sex, able to fuck without necessarily being turned on or even having my head in the game. I could have lasted all night, but at just over two-and-a-quarter hours, a chafed, tired and slightly dazed Erica called time. Mushrooms I’d never actually seen ‘shrooms before a small baggie of them appeared on my desk.

Everyone told me that they were “fun” but “tasted like ass.” Around two o’ clock on a Wednesday afternoon, Erica sliced several into a peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwich, which I tried to eat without chewing and almost choked to death.

At her behest, we went outside to wait for things to kick in.

We settled on ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, mushrooms, and Viagra.

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