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dnscrypt-proxy instances and the caching resolver can safely run on the same machine as long as they are listening to different IP addresses or different ports.

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A couple companies, organizations and individuals are operating public recursive DNS servers supporting the DNSCrypt protocol, so that all you need to run is a client.

A constantly updated list of open DNSCrypt resolvers can be downloaded to replace the default CSV file shipped with the dnscrypt-proxy client.

DNSCrypt-Wrapper can be compiled from the source code. The proxy is compatible with any DNS resolver software, including Unbound, Power DNS Recursor and BIND.

A Docker image for dnscrypt server is also available, and is the easiest and fastest way to deploy a DNSSEC-validating, DNSCrypt-enabled caching DNS server.

Alternatively, companies, organizations and individuals are running public DNS resolvers supporting the DNSCrypt protocol.

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