Andrei arlovski dating

His opponent is rising Polish contender Marcin Tybura, coming off the biggest win of his career.

Werdum wasted no time at all in submitting Walt Harris at UFC 216 less than a month ago.

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The obvious gameplan for Tybura is to defend Werdum’s takedown efforts, which is likely the weakest part of the former champion’s game.

From there Tybura can keep testing the defence of Werdum with long-range front kicks and overhand rights.

With a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and ADCC veteran Kamil Uminski in his corner, he may feel like a grappling exchange is a manageable risk.

The danger here is falling into one of Werdum’s traps, like when he pretends to be hurt and falls to the mat.

Hunt has shown he has a granite chin but was baited into making a mistake which cost him not only the fight, but the UFC heavyweight title.

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