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That the man continues to be involved with such transparent commercial tripe is either a testament to his salesmanship or the result of some unknown deal with an evil supernatural power.

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The latest front-runner for worst Hong Kong movie of the year. A month or so ago, this site reviewed Don't Open Your Eyes, a Wong Jing-related horror comedy that was roundly criticized, then begrudgingly called "partially amusing." Given the general state of Hong Kong Cinema, some kindness in judgment is understandable, though that rationale sometimes seems like a catch-all excuse. Are we so desperate for semi-decent cinema that we would excuse a barely average piece of moviemaking like Don't Open Your Eyes? watch the recent Dating a Vampire, the answer to the above question is an unequivocal "Yes!

The sets are distractingly spartan, and the make-up laughably applied.

The vampires' whiteface make-up frequently rubs off, and their claws look to be applied with rubber cement. Miki Yeung and Alex Fong are passable, but don't generate enough chemistry to make their Chinese Ghost Story-like plotline even remotely compelling.

What's important is that the stolen idea somehow makes it into a semi-entertaining motion picture.

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