A high resolution absolute dating holocene and deglacial asian

Temperature record reconstructed from the cyclization and methylation index of branched tetraethers (MBT-CBT) displays that the onset of deglacial warming at ~20 kyr before present (BP) precedes the strengthening of summer monsoon at ~15 kyr BP, which is in agreement in timing with previous MBT-CBT temperature records from the southeastern CLP.

a high resolution absolute dating holocene and deglacial asian-69

The exposed outer layers of the sections were removed during the course of sampling to ensure fresh samples for this study.

A total of 40 samples, 15 in the section CH02/02 and 25 in the section CH02/03 were collected. Constraints on the application of the MBT/CBT palaeothermometer at high latitude environments (Svalbard, Norway).

Sites LT (Lantian) and MS (Mangshan) have been studied for MBT-CBT temperature records by others and are mentioned in this paper. doi: 10.1016/20 Cross Ref Full Text Rueda, G., Rosell-Melé, A., Escala, M., Gyllencreutz, R., and Backman, J. Comparison of instrumental and GDGT-based estimates of sea surface and air temperatures from the Skagerrak.

In this study, we present GDGTs results for the past 70 kyr from the Yuanbao LPS, western CLP.

The loess on the river terrace is up to 150 m thick. Monthly distributions of temperature and precipitation between 19 at the Linxia city. Decoupled warming and monsoon precipitation in East Asia over the last deglaciation.

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