I’ve accepted this already and am sure the rest of my training partners have accepted the same.

But when it comes to competing acceptance is difficult. Smucker’s – Goober Peanut Butter and Jelly Lastly, it would be unfair to this post if I didn’t mention that Artisana – Cacao Bliss Coconut Butter is delicious, worthy of rubbing all over someone and licking it up.

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Well, they just published a profile on myself on their website and below I’ve provided the link (here is where the self-promotional aspect just creeped in).

However, on top of just self-promoting myself they have also provided all of you with a COUPON CODE for 15% off all apparel (and there you have it an original “Noah”). If your relatively new to Crossfit this might be hard to relate to, but if you’ve been doing it for 3 years or more, then I think you might be able to relate.

Maybe acceptance isn’t the right word, but rather moving on and never forgetting is the proper term. We uphold standards to ourselves every time we WOD, for instance, we make sure we are going below parallel, maintaining full extension, or performing ALL the reps necessary.

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